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The  Summoning

The Summoning

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An archeology student in Scotland uncovers a sinister talisman that draws him into a world of terrifying black magic in this “well-crafted horror story” (Booklist).   On an archeological dig in a Scottish forest, college student Adam Parker unearths a mysterious metal artifact. But Professor Grayling, the dig coordinator, insists Adam must keep his discovery quiet. Because Grayling recognizes the amulet—and the strange creature depicted on it. It is a sign that Adam’s life is about to change forever.   Summoned to fulfil his destiny, Adam is introduced to a dark shadow world that exists alongside our own. An epic, unseen battle has been waged there for centuries. Now Adam must join the fray, and face the ultimate test. For within that shadow world lurks Rabanus Bloor, the man who has sworn to seek out Adam and destroy him—whatever it takes.   “Horror fans will certainly be entertained by the story, which will remind some of the works of Graham Masterton.” —Booklist

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Open Road Media


Sep 01, 2018





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General Adult


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