The  Crime Writer

The Crime Writer


From acclaimed novelist Jill Dawson comes this imaginative psychological thriller&;a dark and compelling snapshot into the life of Patricia Highsmith that immerses readers into the intoxicating, nightmarish psyche of this brilliant, complex author.  When novelist Patricia Highsmith moves into a small cottage in Suffolk, England, in the mid-1960s, she&;s seeking seclusion and time to write. There&;s another reason for seeking privacy too&;Pat is involved in a secret romance with Sam, a married woman living in London.But even in this quaint village, Pat can&;t escape the obligations of her success. A young reporter, Virginia &;Ginny&; Smythson-Balby, sets her sights on Pat for an article she&;s writing. Ginny is both tenacious and oddly familiar, but Pat can&;t quite place where she&;s seen her before. Intent on unearthing details about Pat&;s fascination with not just the subject of murder but the psychology of a murderer, Ginny constantly intrudes into the sanctuary Pat had hoped to create, much to her dismay. As Pat observes, love is a kind of madness. And when Sam comes for a visit, tension between Pat and Sam&;s husband escalates with deadly results. For so long she&;s wondered what it would feel like to commit the ultimate transgression. Now she&;s not just a chronicler of murder and violence, but a participant as she becomes a character from her own thrilling, disturbing novels. But just like her books, she discovers crime has consequences&;dark, surprising, and inescapable. Jill Dawson deftly explores the public and private life of one of the most intriguing writers of our time, blending fact and fiction in a novel as thrilling as Patricia Highsmith&;s own work.

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Jun 06, 2017





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General Adult